Vineyard Haven Beach Stone Fireplace

Welcome to our first projects/blog post. 😀

I truly love every project we complete because the result of old-world stone work is so classy, timeless, and beautiful. But this project in particular (a Beach Stone Fireplace in Vineyard Haven), was one that I personally loved the style so much!

It feels to me like art because we didn't use cement except in the back to secure the structure. In the front, we weren't using machines, only perfect planning for exactly where each beach stone would rest. (Yes, these are beach stones that were purchased legally of course, for our client! You're not actually authorized to comb the beach for stones and then stick them in your fireplace!)

So there was a real pleasure in creating this Thermal Blue Stone hearth with the Beach Stone fireplace!

Finished Fireplace

Finished Fireplace

You can find more project examples of Martha's Vineyard Masonry on our services page here. Thank you for visiting!